Shine Your Eyes To The Lord
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Here apostle Josh admonishes his audience to be attentive and shine their eyes

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Moment Of Freedom With Apostle Amisah

Battles 1 with Apostle Amisah


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Joshua Amissah was born 3 decades and half ago to Mr John Amissah and Sophia Mensah on the 3rd of August. The first born of 5 children. Went through elementary school education in Ghana and Nigeria. Got born again at the age of 7 at a good news club and from then started preaching the goodnews of the kingdom. He attended Methodist primary and junior secondary schools in saltpond and read business at saltpond Methodist high and further went to the university of Ghana where he studied Philosophy and religions at the first degree level.http://Read more


Understanding remembrance

why would two people start life peacefully or in a sweet manner and then something happens which is normal and then one or both of them resent it so much that, they do not want to see each other?
The post-modern world with the advancement of technology and wide-spread information, is breaking families, this age is recording the highest toll of disintegration of cultural values that should bind people or groups of the same descent.

Remembrance comes as an alert to all in life not to forget the basics of life. Remembrance comes as a tool to remind us to re-examine our normative values and trends so that we can keep up the unity, love, togetherness that make up societies.
You must remember, remember and remember.

Understanding Generations: the freedom of man

in understanding generations you will find out about the issues of your freedom as a man and that will help you understand the concept of generations and it benefits. Issues like weight of one’s assignment,flaws of great mean are all talked about in this master piece. It is simply for your freedom.

Understanding change

understanding change is a piece which will give you information on the whole concept of change and guide you to utilize change and always be on top of issues in life. In this book you will note that understanding change in life is a life changing process. get it now.


  • They asked me to teach on prayer and how to revive one’s prayer life. The first time we met at church that Wednesday you prophesy to me that the Lord is going to use me in deliverance as well as in the prophetic and i testify by the grace of God that i started seeing it. Thank God for your life papa and all the love you shown me.

    Cyril Togo
  • This is Nana Brago, the lady you prayed for last Sunday. I took the scan yesterday like you requested and the result was amazing. The first scan which was used to diagnose the problem showed 3-4 stones, that was why the doctor suggested a surgery. But glory to God after the scan he (the doctor) is now saying there is no need for the scan cos it’s showing just one stone in the gall bladder.

    Nana Brago
  • i used to have a very acute heart ache and i have had to be marked for a surgery but after Apostle Joshua Amissah prayed for me and spoke to the ache, it has varnished and i dont experience it any longer. i am medical doctor and work other people's hear too.Glory to God for his healing touch.

    Dr. Annang
  • I want to thank God this morning for something big He has done for me and to thank Him for FCI. He has delivered me of depression! Something that used to get me so down and which led me to first book an appointment to see you. That day I came for the service and even before we spoke, the preaching alone made me feel so light I knew God was there. Sometime past I would've been so depressed but Jesus Christ has overcome and I am happy to say that I am an overcomer because of His finished work on the cross. God bless you abundantly and keep doing the Lords work. He will lift you up

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