Buildright foundation international (BrFI) is a network for young ministers designed to give folks who are aware of their calling into the ministry of our lord Jesus Christ, the opportunity to pursue, enhance and fulfil ministry as God has destined it to be.

With Buildright Foundation Int, we say it is possible to lay the right foundation for ministry and succeed in a right way. We organise conferences and bring young ministries and ministers together mainly on the tertiary campuses,cities and rural areas to be resourced and trained for effectiveness in ministry. Buildright focuses more on training and retraining of ministers and church workers and help to give a basic right foundation for success in life and ministry.

Conferences and seminars organised, bring successful Christians together to minister to the young ministers. So far we have had consistent and effective conferences for the past 6years and still counting.

Ministers and Ministries that need support base and assistance in consistent guide and direction in what to do to fulfil their dreams and visions are a priority. We consult,support and help guide.

Speak to us about your peculiar issues,situations and vision  and we will reason and confer with you on the way forward.

Thank you.

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