REALMS OF GLORY PROFESSIONALS INTERNATIONAL NETWORK (ROGPIN). This is a corporate arm of the outreach that is concerned with bringing Christian career and professional men and women together to pray and study the word of God for success in their fields of endeavour. ROGPIN helps to point the Christian career person to God, that with God all things are possible. The fellowship and network looks at nothing beside teaching that true wealth is from God and it is sustainable as long as one is willing and obedient. The blessings of the Lord make a man rich and he adds no sorrow. Meeting once a month and empowering spiritually with heavenly grace and anointing, the participants to desire to do more and aspire for higher levels of life. The members also commit to support outreaches and projects according to the blessings that they have received. If you a Christian professional and you would like to begin or join this network, you can get in touch with us. At ROGPIN we teach and enforce the practical acting out of the truth that we are stewards of the Kingdom of God.

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