This is the social corporate arm of the outreach. With the mission and vision of reaching out the less privileged and disadvantaged in life. ROLM sends relief and support items like clothes, food, beddings and cash to orphanages and children’s homes. Having adopted 3 orphanages namely Anfaani children homes, Nyohini children’s home all in the northern regions of Ghana and we lately added Martha Preparatory school to the list and still counting. We have out of our mission paid school fees for children, ministers and provided some basic support for many people. Pure religion and undefiled is to visit widows and care for orphans and to keep oneself from impurity is the main drive of ROLM. It was established 7 years ago. We sometimes partner with other corporate institutions to gather the resources to be able to the reaching out. Any support is welcome to assist us do more and affect more children and deprived persons in life.

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